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Integrated circuits’ sorting

Microelectronics is rightly considered a dynamically developing direction of radio electronics in the present world. The subject of this industry is the microminiaturization of radio solutions. The basic task of the suggested field’s collaborators is to lessen the volume of such facilities, the specific weight, and at the same time – to increase its durability, economical use of resources and enhance safety.

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Perfect-quality integrated circuits

The dynamics of the growth of modern microelectronics can be noticed in three areas – the growth of micromodules, the build of integrated circuits and building of functional instruments. Speaking of the micromodular design tactic, circuits are assembled using miniature-sized details. These are transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors. Prepared micromodules can be plane or volumetric.

The formation of integrated circuits represents the process of creating microelectronic solution, which includes active and passive spare parts. The dynamic ones are diodes and transistors, and the passive ones are capacitors and resistors. All of them are electrically attached to each other and located in one frame.

The progress of functional equipment involves the building of furnishing that applies the solids’ physical parameters. Collaborators use them to obtain a number of effects – structuring, amplification and changing of electrical vibrations. Commonly, when structuring functional instruments, specialists do not utilize single electrical elements. Their abilities are traditionally held due to intermolecular teamwork and volumetric phenomena observed in a solid.

Integrated circuits structured thanx to the design and technological methodology serve for joint application and are standardly produced in series. E.g., these equipment solutions have found their application nowadays in radio-electronic equipment – their formation and repair. According to the level of integration, the entire set of integrated circuits is divided into 4 groups:

• 1 degree features up to 10 parts.
• 2 degree – 11-100 spare parts.
• 3 degree – 101-1000 elements.
• 4 degree – 1001-10000 elements.

Considering the functional goal, such installation may reside to one of the groups – analog or digital.

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