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Integrated circuits’ regimantation

Microelectronics is justly considered a dynamically proceeding direction of radio electronics in the contemporary universe. The subject of this range is the microminiaturization of radio-electronic equipment. The main task of the proposed field’s experts is to decrease the volume of such solutions, the specific ponderosity, and in parallel – to increase its staying power, economical appliance of resources and raise functionality.

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Qualitative integrated circuits

The turns of the progress of contemporary microelectronics can be realized in three areas – the progress of micromodules, the creation of integrated circuits and making of functional tools. Speaking of the micromodular design manner, circuits are assembled applying miniature-sized spare parts. These are transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors. Ripe micromodules can be plane or volumetric.

The creation of integrated circuits assumes the process of structuring microelectronic equipment, which includes active and passive pieces. The dynamic ones are diodes and transistors, and the passive ones are capacitors and resistors. All of them are electrically fixed to each other and set in one cabinet.

The evolution of functional tools involves the structuring of facility that applies the solids’ physical parameters. Specialists use them to receive a number of effects – making, amplification and converting of electrical vibrations. Generally, when forming functional tools, experts do not apply single electrical spare parts. Their abilities are traditionally performed due to intermolecular connections and volumetric phenomena noticed in a solid.

Integrated circuits structured according to the design and technological technique serve for joint application and are commonly produced in series. For instance, these goods have found their application today in radio-electronic devices – their making and repair. According to the level of integration, the overall quantity of integrated circuits is divided into 4 groups:

• 1 degree is built from up to 10 details.
• 2 degree – 11-100 elements.
• 3 degree – 101-1000 spare parts.
• 4 degree – 1001-10000 elements.

Appreciating the functional purpose, such solution may pertain to one of the groups – analog or digital.

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